The Marina At Lyman Harbor

Looking to grab a quick meal? Need to get on some dry land after a fun day on the lake? Lyman Harbor has adequate dockage for whatever your needs may be.

​We DO NOT have: Worms, Ice, Fuel, or Sewage
We DO have showers

​The normal water level is 6-8 feet deep

GPS Coordinates:
N 41° 27’ 20”
W 82° 40’ 58”​

​​​​Daytime transient docking is free.

Overnight Docking – Call for rates!
Seasonal dockage is available. Call or click the button below for pricing information.

Fueling of floating marine craft other than at a marine fueling station is "Prohibited" except by special authorization of the Fire Chief and firefighting equipment is required. (Ordinance 95-185 Passed 10/23/95)

Dock at your own risk